10 Bosses Day Party Ideas post from Kara Anderson at C3.

National Bosses Day is around the corner. Throwing an office party is the perfect way to impress your boss and alleviate some of those Monday blues. Your boss will feel appreciated and your colleagues will be amped for the week to come.

There are a few things to consider before organizing a grand Bosses Day party. First, decide what time of day is best so that you and your colleagues can get back to business as usual in a timely manner. The last thing you want is your boss to view it as a distraction.

Once you’ve decided a time, make a list of all your boss's favorite things. You can even consult your colleagues for ideas. Making the party as personal as possible will really make your boss feel valued.

Where should you start? Here are 10 Bosses Day party ideas that will help you plan the ultimate Boss Day bash.

1. Invite Colleagues to be your Party-Planning Committee

        Everybody loves a party, especially office parties. Invite your colleagues to participate in the planning and decide who is in charge of what.

2. Pick a theme

        Using the list of your boss's favorite things, decide what the theme of the party will be. If you can tie it into your business, even better. Encourage your colleagues to dress according to the theme or in your boss's favorite color.

3. Decorate

        Every party needs decorations, decorate using your boss's favorite things. Balloons are always a fun and easy way to decorate.

4. Give Thanks

        Make a giant card and have all your colleagues sign it with notes about why they are thankful for your boss.

5. Decorate your Boss's Desk

        You can have a lot of fun with this one. I suggest making it as over the top as possible.

6. Pick a Game to Play

        Games are the perfect way to boost morale and create a team building activity. The game can even be something that is accomplished throughout to the day so that the party lives on. Make sure the game does not distract everyone from their daily duties. Decide on a prize for the winner.

7. Decide on Food and Beverage

        Make sure to order your boss's favorite food. Caterers are a great way to go if your boss has several favorites of different cuisine. Don't forget the sweets!

8. Bring a Gift

        Using your boss's favorite things list, decide on a special gift. You can even ask your colleagues if they want to throw money in for a collective gift.

9. Party Favors

        Be sure that everyone receives a party favor to commemorate the occasion. It is also a great way to show your colleagues you appreciate them participating in the fun.

10. Set up a Photo Booth

        This can be done by staging an area with a couple of props of your boss's favorite things (decorations). You can even compile a photo album to give to you boss as a reminder of what an amazing team they have.

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