5 Reasons We Are The Best Catering Service in Houston post from Lisa at C3.

C3, Corporate Catering Concierge is a master catering service that provides all kinds of catering services to offices and various corporate events. This process is carried out either via phone or through emails.

Food is the basic need of all mankind, undoubtedly, companies that provide food in a convenient and efficient manner are the ones that consumers look up to, and Corporate Catering Concierge is always striving to remain the best among all caterers in Houston. Over the years, Corporate Catering Concierge has operated in various areas of Houston and has always managed to uphold its positive reputation across the city.

By providing office catering and office food delivery, Corporate Catering Concierge is distinguishable among its competitors and continues to maintain that image.

Companies like Corporate Catering Concierge are well set for the modern era of today since consumers are rapidly shifting towards most convenient methods of attaining their needs and wants. Corporate Catering Concierge, an office catering, and general food catering company that deals with their customers online and by phone, is by far the most convenient for customers to deal with due to its easier accessibility.

Before I launch into why people should choose Corporate Catering Concierge over other competitors, I would like to mention how Corporate Catering Concierge operates. Basically, we connect people with various restaurants and take their respective orders via calls or emails. Our target market is mainly office catering, corporate lunch catering, and office food delivery, but we also cater for private events!

No doubt, we have our share of competitors in the market but we are separate from other catering companies, and here are 5 reasons why you should choose Corporate Catering Concierge every time:

1. Accessibility

We are a locally owned Houston-based personalized service that works with you directly every step of the way and are easily accessible by all means of communication. We are not just an online ordering platform, we are your personal catering concierge and it matters a great deal to us, that our customers can approach us without any restrictions.

2. Zero additional fees

We do not charge any fees for our services. The only cost that the customer has to pay is the cost of the food and service they have asked for. We do not markup menu or charge any fees while providing office catering or corporate lunch catering.

3. Convenient office catering

Corporate Catering Concierge makes catering for the office effortless. We have served Houston for over 10 years and know everything that there is to know about the office environment. Apart from this, we also provide efficient corporate lunch catering and office food delivery.

4. Personalized Menu Planning

We allow our customers to design their own menu. They are allowed to customize their menu through a network of over 90 restaurants and catering companies. We also have a team of 6 catering concierge dedicated to designing and planning menus for our clients for their breakfast, lunch, dinner, conferences or training meetings.

5. Private event planning

Corporate Catering Concierge is great for corporate lunch catering and private events. We supply full service and rentals to all our customers. This includes everything from linens and table wares to lamps and seating arrangements. Moreover, drop-off and pick-up options are available.

Trust in our company

If you put your trust in Corporate Catering Concierge, you will not end up regretting your decision. We understand the needs of our modern day multitasking-pulled-in-all-directions office administrators, that have also been designated to organize catering for their team. Our ultimate aim to be a one stop shop for all of your catering needs, no matter the cuisine or type of catering needed. Just because you are working does not mean that you should be deprived of great food. Here at Corporate Catering Concierge, we respect everyone’s rights to good food by providing office catering, corporate lunch catering, and office food delivery. 

We understand food at Corporate Catering Concierge and we ensure everything is as tempting to the eyes as it is scrumptious to the mouth. With our large assortment of menus for various cuisines, we provide options that everyone at your office can enjoy. Our clients are enthusiastic about our catering services because we provide consistent results each and every time.

Are you ready to place your first order? View our menus, or give us a ring, 281-997-3345