You have finished celebrating Thanksgiving & you are ready to try something delicious and new at your office location. Corporate Catering Concierge is here to make sure you know exactly what to order for your holiday office catering needs. As a team, Corporate Catering Concierge allows you to order your next meal through via phone, email, text, or by our website portal. You have a variety of different resources to reach our staff in a timely fashion. This time of the year, it can be tricky to get a top caterer that is already booked this holiday season. WE ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE! Corporate Catering Concierge is ready to assist you with any catering needs that will compliment your holiday office parties.

1. Holiday Taco Fiesta- Corporate Catering Concierge is best known for bringing creativity to every event that is executed at your office. Are you tired of the same old & simple last-minute meals? Corporate Catering Concierge allows your office to try a new & improved festive meal right at your fingertips. Paired best with cilantro rice, chips & queso, and beans... try a build your own taco station. A great way for your staff to customize their individual meal with an assortment of toppings. It can be hard trying to order the correct about of tacos for your entire team. A Taco Station will make everyone feel they can create their personal meal in an easy manner. The C3 team wants to make sure your office is pleased & satisfied. We recently launched our first ever holiday queso fountain that has been so popular at event receptions & office celebrations.

2. Italian Holiday Dishes- Layers of pasta filled with ricotta cheese, parmesan cheese and meat sauce, topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with homemade garlic rolls. An Italian buffet is always a great comfort food option during the cold winter months. There is a huge variety of dishes that can be adjusted to any dietary restrictions in your office that way all your admins are able to enjoy a great meal during the holidays. Corporate Catering Concierge is a catering service that allows the best Italian vendors in your area to be available at your office.

3. Boxed Lunches- Want to serve a quick holiday lunch that will not rise above your budget goals. A boxed lunch option will be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face this holiday season. There are an unlimited amount of combinations that can be served at your office. Corporate Catering Concierge has different cuisines such as American, Mexican, French, Caribbean, Italian, Greek, BBQ, & etc. YOU NAME IT..WE GOT IT.

4. Traditional Holiday Buffet- If you are looking to maintain the traditional style of the holidays, WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! The Traditional style meal is usually served with rosemary and thyme rubbed turkey, orange and maple syrup glazed honey ham, garlic mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, sweet potato casserole, pan fried green beans, bourbon cranberry sauce, fresh rolls and butter. Though this is one of many versions of the traditional meal… Corporate Catering Concierge works with our caterers to adjust your meal combinations to satisfy your companies taste buds.

5. Texas BBQ Buffet- Celebrate the holidays Texas style!? Corporate Catering Concierge knows the importance of BBQ in the state of Texas. We know our client’s expectations & we are always ready to serve the best BBQ! Your administrators will have a plate that contains multiple sides including: Beans, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Corn, Cajun Rice, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, and Tossed Salad. Meat choices include: Beef, Ham, Pork, Sausage, Ribs, Grilled Chicken, BBQ Chicken, and Turkey. Catering Concierge makes sure your office has the best Texas BBQ that is locally owned in the state of Texas .