Find Out Why Corporate Catering Concierge is The Best Catering in Houston Greenway Galleria for Your Office Lunch and Event Catering Needs post from Katie Lewis at C3.

It's tough to find a consistent caterer you can call at the last minute, isn't it? But, that’s what you need as an office admin or admin assistant, so your box lunches and event buffet catering go off without a hitch. You've got a lot on your plate without having to worry about planning a menu, managing delivery, and setting up the buffet line. But you're responsible for sticking to your office's budget, accommodating dietary restrictions, and ensuring that the meal meets your standards. And you would love to delegate to a catering company that does all this and more to exceed your expectations.

While event planning may not be a major part of your job, it's vital that you demonstrate your competence and attention to detail. Just as you shouldn't single-handedly organize food for your event, you don't need to deal with a catering company that neglects the essential components of your order or goes over your budget. In fact, hiring a corporate caterer should make your life easier, not add to your stress.

That's why you deserve a caterer with a proven track record of excellent service, a company that takes care of you from menu planning to full service to break down. This caterer can deliver the same attention to detail and communication skills you bring to your job. Before you spend time thumbing through your contacts for a suitable caterer, give Corporate Catering Concierge a call.

Here are five ways in which Corporate Catering Concierge offers service above and beyond your expectations:

1. Provide Constant Communication to Keep You in The Loop

At Corporate Catering Concierge, we understand how essential communication is, so your box lunch and event catering go smoothly. We regularly update you on your order at all critical stages to save you time and put you at ease. These are all our standard touch points with you:

• When you first place your order, you will receive an invoice that we encourage you to double-check and revise, so it’s perfect.

• Once we place your order, we confirm it with the restaurant and send you an email confirmation to keep you informed.

• The day before your order, you will receive another confirmation email recapping your delivery order for the next day.

• Each evening, the restaurant also receive a recap of your order for the next day to ensure all everything is delivered promptly.

• We send a survey after each meal to make sure your catering order was on time, delicious, and accurate.

In the rare instance that an issue arises, we reach out to you immediately to offer solutions. We will contact you via your preferred mode of communication. If we can't reach you that way, we'll continue to contact you via your second preferred mode of communication. If you're stuck in a meeting and can’t answer the phone, you will still receive updates via text or email and stay in the loop.

2. Anticipate Your Boxed Lunch and Event Catering Needs and Fulfill Them

Given our varied experience with many kinds of Houston Greenway, Galleria, and The Woodlands clients, we know the right questions to ask and helpful suggestions to offer, sometimes before you do! With even the bare details of your event, we can recommend tips to make things run smoothly and efficiently.

For example, if you're a pharmaceutical representative ordering lunch for a doctor's office, all we need is the office’s contact info and delivery address, the office’s headcount, and any dietary preferences. We can take over planning the meal itself by calling the office and asking them what they want to eat. And because we know that doctor’s offices run on tight schedules, we know to select restaurants that can prepare the order within a narrow timeframe. That way, the doctor's office receives a delicious and much-appreciated lunch, and you make a good impression.

Or, say you're planning a large event with over a hundred people. We know firsthand how daunting such events can be, which is why we provide event coordinators to work with the restaurants onsite, free of charge. Someone has to supervise things, manage logistics, and fulfill the order—why shouldn't it be us? We want everything to be perfect for your event. Our Event Coordinators know how time-consuming setting up a big event can be. Consequently, we strive to make sure that everything is set up correctly, from the chafing dishes to the right food to the presentation style.

We also know how important it is to have servers for large-scale events. Even at an event with only 70 people, servers are essential to ensuring a steady supply of clean plates and the equitable portioning of food. Trust us, we’ve seen clients order more than enough food for an event and reject service as an unnecessary cost only for guests to go wild for the BBQ. In no time at all, clients can run out of food because there aren’t servers present to serve the food and prevent guests from taking more than their fair share.

With your needs as our primary concern (and with our experience in our back pocket), we will work to meet your expectations, stay within your budget, and create a fantastic event with plenty of delicious food for all your guests.

3. Build Client-Centered Services

One of our missions at Corporate Catering Concierge is to improve our processes and service to benefit our clients. We believe that it's not enough to merely fulfill your boxed lunch and event catering order and deliver the food on time. We want to make your experience with us the very best it can be, so we work towards that goal on a continuous basis as the best choice for office catering in Houston Greenway, Galleria, and The Woodlands.

To that end, we have built our whole business model on feedback from clients. Just like Amazon, we’ve organically grown our database, which covers everything from client preferences to the quality of service from restaurants. We do the hard work of keeping tabs on local restaurants, so you don’t have to.

We are constantly tweaking the processes and offerings based on our findings and our clients' needs. We actively solicit and respond to feedback, so we can remedy problems and identify what our clients like. We continually revisit and evaluate the best-selling menus, so we know what to recommend and not recommend. We monitor which restaurants can deliver speedy service and which need more time.

Due to this system, we have continuously rededicated our business to perfecting each aspect of the client experience.

4. Offer Exclusive Membership Rewards

Corporate Catering Concierge values your business. To show you just how much, we've created our C3 Perks & Levels of Loyalty, our unique and exclusive membership system for clients.

Once you reach $250 in orders, you will receive a C3 Perks cards in the mail. You will also be eligible to access discounts at our participating restaurants and affiliates. You can also receive corporate rates to such local attractions as the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Alley Theatre.

Levels of Loyalty allows you to accumulate points during each quarter. When you achieve certain levels of points, you can choose a gift card of your choice to Ulta, Nordstrom, Amazon, Sephora, or Best Buy!

If your employer prevents you from accepting rewards, you can still participate in the C3 Levels of Loyalty membership program. You can choose to either donate your gift card amount towards a charity of your choice or apply the balance to your C3-catered holiday party.

For more information about C3 Levels of Loyalty, please visit our rewards page.

5. Create a Lasting Client Relationship

When it comes to our clients, we are in it for the long haul. We're here to help office admins and admin assistants plan, organize, and execute the best event possible. We want to earn your trust as a dependable, detail-oriented catering service that you can call for any occasion. As such, our goal is to provide you with the food you expect, helpful service, and transparent processes.

We are committed to working with your budget and educating you about any associated costs. We're not here to nickel-and-dime you to death. While some restaurants and catering businesses might forget to tell you about hidden costs until you receive the final invoice, we don’t believe in surprises at Corporate Catering Concierge. Your boxed lunches and event catering will have clear pricing.

Again, you've got a lot on your plate. With only so many hours in the day, the last thing you need is mysterious new charges on your bill or a last-minute change of plans. When you chose Corporate Catering Concierge to help with your event, we take that responsibility seriously so that we will be your caterer of choice for all your future corporate catering needs.

So, before you scramble for a restaurant or catering company for your quarterly meeting or a multi-day conference, give Corporate Catering Concierge a call. Let us help make planning your event stress-free and enjoyable.

Have you ever planned an event where you needed catering services? What did you enjoy about that experience? Whatever your upcoming plans, we would love to show you how dedicated we are to make your event a success.

Let’s talk about your next event!